I started drinking nihonshu when I was 25

I started drinking nihonshu when I was 25

I fond a nice nihonshu bar in Ogikubo

Saturday of bar crawl. In the afternoon, it is Ardbeg of the society of the marriage where yasu is clarified to friend of PPR and sake and tasting event at night. Well, it becomes it. The . exactly
Because unaa for the time being the death of eating surely when getting drunk thought, it is a dried curry in cafe Haiti of [nishidekuchi] of Shinjuku. It is one of the favorite dishes. It goes to Ogikubo ichibeesan. ..de.. again.


In the article by this that doesn't end without the content at all. It was a specific celebration, and I felt a couple of character because I concerned it was possible to do. Happiness is pleased indefinitely. What a wonderful nihonshu it is!!
Because the drink of the supper had been shown from yuo, the sake of a pure rice field in a male town was opened with pleasure drinking while heating taketsuru of a sake and Japanese Kosasa person.

Neither Torontoshita nor it gathered. It even changed.

When arriving at the teacher it, and the hall of the Takase recognition, it is president Nakano of a complete net on both sides of the bride and the bridegroom at the center. It is sake in complete. The sake of the celebration from various warehouses stands while having approached in the corner. In the inside, there was high sake named Noshiru (100,000 yen) or Akitsu (30,000 yen), too. As for it, it was glad to understand sake that it is high who did not do me so. Akitsu grew old, and was scolded.

Sake is most popular for wedding in Japan

It is lowered to put it by the way, and puts the spirit -. to the marriage celebration and the 1st of its.. todayWear out..old..comfortable..but..a little..purple..light..bamboo grass..steering wheel..do..assume.It prepares it by chance for other kimonos, and moreover, the length of the sleeve of teatta**** is a fit, and a mood. The belt is a fellow who was the first Nagoya when thinking about the bag of red and money. Oh dear, the back will not become solitary though it might be bright. When the return was by the connection and was disregarding and existed, it was thought somewhere soukamona - because it was asked in the person and the shop around 12:00PM later.

On a day like today....

However, it might be a make-up mortar considered to be a person in the shop.
The sake that stood while having approached and and well opened fast (I was, and because ↓ this had been kept, it was obedient), and people's greetings related everyone to the wine cellar to which it came. Because all the sake of my warehouse was poured by the bride and the bridegroom, it seemed to joke, and to be quite safe. Mashitaga, 2, and mosasugade drop it might be when greeting roundsIt drinks neatly.


On the way, rumichanmo came. It is dirty-minded. I can do mashita by speaking. . It attaches so that the sake brewer and santoyuruyuruo Kusaka of a heavy village may brew ahead. Fashionable sake brewer who has pendant with good ability of silver. Externals that brew sake do not float.


It is awful. It is excellent and it is Kusakabe of furyuuume and Kusaka of the business of ryuuchikara (Akitsu is put in the warehouse on the inside) because it was not able to take the Kusaka photograph of Mr. hisashigen/'s sake brewer of/'s of introduction of it business at some. It seemed to be happy. Everyone … Moreover, the bride and the bridegroom come to speak while becoming harmonious round, and rounding.


It is a situation that agrees sooner or later decided while making it without fail in the warehouse to the hope of externals. Of course, it obtained, and sake was delicious. (detailed story of inside and junmai-shu festival)。Ah recently, the warehouse to which it wants to go in it is so. Only the west. Nara. Okayama. Hiroshima. Yamaguchi. It is fast. Far away. Please become it.

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